Matrix Reloaded- prescription sunglasses

If you have seen The Matrix and you are as normal as me then you would probably have said ‘Duh!’ and would have thought about the famous Walt Disney character Goofy. Having seen the reruns of the same movie I still look for some enlightenment. Though the movie was for the geeks what caught on was the prescription sunglasses eye-wear worn by Morpheus. Dint sees The Matrix, don’t worry just think about Scrooge Mc Duck or Professor Tofty in Harry Potter,

Pince nez ( no its not a typo nor the name of an alien from Star Wars) is what this fashionable eye-wear is known as. This is a prescription sunglasses with no ear piece for support. You have to pinch it on to your nose and hence the name Pince – To pinch and Nez – nose.
It’s quite out of fashion and was too at its own time when these were used for long-sightedness both by men and women; they often felt uncomfortable wearing it for long spans and if the bridge they chose was not a suiting size. Popular pictures would often show professors hanging them by a ribbon or concealed against their bodice.

There were many variations to the pince nez and there was one which came to be after and Oxford professor accidentally improvised his lorgnette after it broke. Though a bit bulky this prescription sunglasses came to be the fashion of the time and were called Oxfords. This has its fame inscribed in History to as German pilots used the hard bridge Pince nez during world war 1. Sherlock Holmes was also inspired by this and wrote ‘The Adventure of the Golden Pince nez’ though they were small in stature the pince nez stayed for a long time and varying in its model.